What is MicroSorb Environmental Products, Inc.?

About Grid Images Turkey Swamp AfterFor over 20 years, MicroSorb Environmental Products, Inc. has been providing superior bioremediation solutions that rapidly and cost effectively eliminate a wide assortment of hazardous and problematic organic materials. Our products are proven to effectively eliminate petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated compounds, ammonia, nitrates, algae, struvite, sewage, and animal and vegetable wastes (fats, oils, and grease).

We provide proprietary blends of naturally occurring, non hazardous, non-pathogenic microbes. When applied, not only are the target wastes eliminated, but the by-products of the microbial activity consist of nothing more than clean water, carbon dioxide and a beneficial soluble fatty acid that is a rich food source for plants and animals. In other words, MicroSorb® products convert hazardous materials into simple building blocks for a healthy and thriving natural environment.

Our formulas are listed on the United States EPA - NCP Product Schedule. They have also been approved for application in CA, MI, OH, MA, PA, NJ, CT, NY, NC, GA, FL, LA, TX and the countries of Trinidad and Tobago, the EU, and Nigeria.