What is MicroSorb Environmental Products, Inc.?

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For over 20 years, MicroSorb Environmental Products, Inc. (MEPI) has been providing superior bioremediation solutions that convert hazardous wastes into pure water and non-hazardous carbon nutrients that are beneficial to plants and animals.  Our solutions achieve this rapidly and cost effectively and have been repeatedly proven to work in both the science lab as well as the job site (ground surface, subsurface, open water, water column, wetlands, man-made drainage, water treatment facilities, animal habitats, etc.)

Our products effectively eliminate petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated compounds, ammonia, nitrates, algae, struvite, sewage, and animal and vegetable wastes (fats, oils, and grease).

We provide proprietary, purposefully selected, and synergistic blends of naturally occurring, non-hazardous, non-pathogenic microbes that outperform other microbial blends.  Our formulas are listed on the United States EPA – NCP Product Schedule.  They have also been approved for application in CA, MI, OH, MA, PA, NJ, CT, NY, GA, FL, LA, TX and the countries of Trinidad ad Tobago, the EU, and Nigeria.