MicroSorb remediates hydrocarbons, organic wastes and chlorinated hydrocarbons for all spill conditions. We convert hazardous contaminants into basic nutrients that restore the environment.

Organic Wastes

MicroSorb products are made of a hand-selected, symbiotic consortium of microbes that thrive on organic wastes and convert them into water and basic carbon nutrients that support a healthy habitat for plants, animals and humans.

FOG Control


  • FOG Control (5 billion microbes per gram)
  • FOG Control Plus (20 billion microbes per gram)
  • FOG Control Max (90 billion microbes per gram)

Algae Blooms, E-Coli

The archae microbes contained in our MicroSorb formula have been found to outcompete nuisance algae and even e-coli for the excess nutrients that are found in local ponds, streams and rivers as a result of farming, lawn care and other activities, keeping these waters clean and crystal clear without the addition of chemicals.