MicroSorb remediates hydrocarbons, organic wastes and chlorinated hydrocarbons for all spill conditions. We convert hazardous contaminants into basic nutrients that restore the environment.

Open Water

See Products SC-W 

Contemporaneous Ground Surface Spills Immediately absorb runaway oil and other hydrocarbons with our bentonite clay products (ER, IS and SC-G). When wettened with non-chlorinated water, the high concentrate of microbes will activate and quickly convert the hydrocarbons into water and nutrients for plants and animals, dramatically reducing the expense associated with hazardous waste removal.

Contemporaneous Ground Surface Spills

See Products ERIS and SC-G

Waters Edge

See products ER, SC-W


See Products SC-G, SC-W, Biocatalyst



See products SC-GSC-W 


See Products ER, SC-W

Chlorinated Solvents

See Products MicroSorb DC


See Products ER, IS, SC-G and SC-W

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