MicroSorb® SC-G (Super Concentrate for Ground applications), along with SC-W (water), are our strongest, most efficacious formulas. MicroSorb® SC-G is a super high consortium of over 90 billion hydrocarbon digesting microbes per gram housed in a bentonite clay carrier. Because of its extremely high microbe content consisting of aerobic, microaerobic and facultative anaerobic organisms, MicroSorb® SC-G has the ability to attack hydrocarbons in oxygen limited environments (e.g. below grade and in groundwater). As such, this product highly outperforms natural biodegradation to eliminate the contaminant in the most difficult in-situ conditions. MicroSorb® SC is used to attack any petroleum based liquids (i.e. gasoline, fuel oil, hydrocarbon solvents, organic wastes), or human/animal waste and virtually any hydrocarbon or oxygenated hydrocarbon.

MicroSorb® SC-G is utilized:
1) For subsurface in situ soil and/or groundwater contamination treatment through subsurface bio-injection well applications, through subsurface leaching galleries, or through injection and recovery trench applications. The above applications are ideal for treating poor access areas (e.g. under basement floors, wetland areas, etc.) where destruction of property or natural resources is not an option. MicroSorb® SCG is also ideal for treating contamination near building foundations, tanks, or utilities where contamination removal may damage structures. (See projects A-1 through A-9)
2) For treating stockpiled (ex situ) contaminated soil. (See projects B-1 and B-2)
3) For direct application to septic systems and grease traps to lower solids buildup, reduce odors, and break
down fats, oil, and grease. (See project E-1)
4) In sewerage lift stations, piping, and wastewater treatment plants to reduce odors, limit corrosion, and
lower solids disposal costs. (See projects C-1 and C-4)
5) In manure treatment (chickens, hogs, horses and cattle) to reduce solids, eliminate odors, and improve
livestock health and grow-out.

MicroSorb® SC-G is the most powerful consortium of microbes available. When augmented with MicroSorb® Biocatalyst, nothing else comes close. Contaminated groundwater can be extracted, treated and strategically re-injected into the ground to bring the microbes into contact with subsurface contamination that is trapped in the soils pores. Contaminated soils can also be extracted, treated on site, and placed back where they came from, clean and stocked with nutrients for regrowth.

Sensitive wetlands that have been destroyed by a spill can be injected with MicroSorb® SC-G and MicroSorb® Biocatalyst for rapid recovery into their natural condition without the need for permanent damage through excavation.

Safety Data Sheets - MicroSorb® ER, IS, SC-G SDS - PDF