Black Water Tank Tablets for Municipalities, RV Campgrounds & Marinas

FOG Solutions


For Boats and RVs


  • Prevents Buildup of Fats, Oil & Grease
  • Reduces/Eliminates Need for Sewer Cleaner/Vacuum Truck Maintenance
  • Keeps Pump Clear of Grease Buildup
  • Initiates Sewage Degradation
  • Helps Keep Downstream Pipes Clear


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For Municipalities

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Tank Tablets with Beneficial Microbes

For Boat, RV Holding Tanks and Home Septic Systems

Each tablet contains 40 billion naturally occurring microbes
that consume contaminants, organic solids and eliminate odors.

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• Odors are neutralized • Wastes are broken down • Saves wear and tear on tank mechanisms • More effective than bacteria or enzymes

Toss one tablet either directly into the holding tank or flush down the toilet. Repeat after pump outs or weekly as needed.
Made in the USA. Not for human consumption.



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  • FOG Control (5 billion microbes per gram)
  • FOG Control Plus (20 billion microbes per gram)
  • FOG Control Max (90 billion microbes per gram)

Clean Waters Solutions® Tank Tablets (FOG)

Product Grid Tank Tablets

Our powerful IS microbial consortium compressed into convenient tablet form for ease of application in bilge tanks, RV's, restaurants and even the home.

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Easy Instructions for Use

060 Cups Easy Instructions
STORAGE: Product is a dry powder housed in a plastic pail and has a 4 year shelf life. Easy to keep on site.
070 Storage Easy InstructionsSCOOP 1 lb. of powder from the pail (approx. 2 cups) into a jar. Close the pail
080 Pour Easy InstructionsPOUR powder into the well. Product activates when it makes contact with the waste water.
Note: powder will not activate if it is sitting on solidified grease
080 Pour Easy InstructionsTIP: Wind may blow the fine powder. In case of breezy conditions, mix with non-chlorinated water before pouring into the well to aid with the application.
080 Pour Easy InstructionsALL DONE!Let the product do the rest. The microbes will work on the FOG (and also begin degradation of the sewage)

Sewage Lift Station FOG Control

Sewage Lift Station

  • Prevents build up of fats, oil & grease
  • Reduces/eliminates need for sewer cleaner/vacuum truck maintenance
  • Keeps pump clear of grease build up
  • Initiates sewage degradation
  • Helps keep downstream pipes clear

What it Is

  • FOG and sewage-degrading microbes in a dry powder
  • High efficacy
  • Science backed
  • Natural, chemical-free
  • 4-year shelf life
  • Easy to apply

Recommended Treatment:

  • 1 lb. per week per lift station to start
  • adjust concentrations and quantities to match level of FOG in the lift station

Operator Feedback:

“Has cut the cleanouts per lift station by half”

“It works great, really softens up the FOG”

“Saves our municipality tens of thousands of dollars each year”

Letter From DPW/Sewer Div, Marion, MA

RE: FOG Control Effectiveness

William Young
MicroSorb Environmental Products, Inc.
104 Longwater Dr.
Norwell, MA 02061

Subject: Effectiveness of Beneficial Microbes Powder

Dear Mr. Young,

I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with the performance of your microbes powder. We have been using it to treat one of our sewage pumping (lift) stations where we have been having a chronic problem with FOG (fats, oil and grease) build-up. The FOG build-up is not a new phenomenon and is typical in any sewage collection and treatment system. It is also one of the more expensive problems to deal with due to costs of chemicals and labor to clean sewer lines and pumping equipment in the stations. I have found your product to be reasonably priced and effective in conditioning the grease in the tank, reducing build-up and binding with inorganic material, facilitating pumping the material downstream and reducing substantially the formation of the ‘grease-shelf’ typical in lift-station tanks. Such ‘shelves’ can interfere in the proper performance of float switches, pumps and sewage lines when large chunks break off. We also get the added benefit of treatment of downstream connecting pipes and lift stations.

When you first contacted me about your product, I believe I told you I seldom take "cold sales calls". I get a lot of them. I am glad I took yours.

Let me know if you have any other great ideas.

Frank Cooper WWTP Supt/Chief Operator
Marion, MA DPW/Sewer Div.

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FOG (Fats, Oils and Grease)

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