The core of the MicroSorb® portfolio are products that contain a unique mix of the highest concentrations per gram of microbes. The microbes are a deliberate selection of all-natural archaea and bacteria species that are rugged hydrocarbon and chlorinated hydrocarbon degraders – making them capable of destroying a large range of contaminants and able to thrive in almost any environment. The microbes are safe and nonpathogenic and are intentionally cultivated on a specific diet to optimize them for waste cleanup. The different product formats are tailored to address the wide range of complex situations in which wastes are found. The products are extremely efficacious, getting the job done reliably and quickly whether it be above ground or below, on the open waters or on the sensitive shorelines, in pipes or in tanks.

Conveniently, MicroSorb® products also have a long shelf life – up to five years for most formats. They are formulated in a semi-dormant, dry powder format that is easy and inexpensive to store and transport.

MicroSorb® products are proven. The company has been in business for over 20 years and has never experienced a failed application in the field. Furthermore, independent lab tests have comparedMicroSorb® against the competition and have demonstrated the superiority of MicroSorb®.