SC-W, (Super Concentrate for Water) along with SC-G (Ground), are our strongest, most efficacious formulas. MicroSorb® SC-W is a super high consortium of over 90 billion hydrocarbon digesting microbes per gram uniquely formulated in a foodgrade sugar carrier. The sugar-based formula not only floats on the water surface but also follows any oil that disperses into the water column, and is therefor ideally suited for open water application. Because the product is designed to dissolve, SC-W can sometimes be appropriate for certain well applications in which the contaminant is subsurface and a clay-based product isn't preferred. MicroSorb® SC-W is used to attack any petroleum based liquids (i.e. gasoline, fuel oil, hydrocarbon solvents, organic wastes), or human/ animal waste and virtually any hydrocarbon or oxygenated hydrocarbon.

MicroSorb® SC-W is utilized:
1) For direct application on open water spills and situations in which contaminants are suspended in the water column (i.e. submersed oils), to eliminate the contaminant and any resulting sheen. Combine with oxygen to keep the water column healthy and sustainable.
2) For direct application on shorelines, riverbeds, marshlands and other wetlands to fully remediate and rapidly recover the natural environment to better-than-before the spill 
3) To protect and preserve coral reefs from contemporaneous spills. Combine with oxygen to keep the water column healthy. The fatty acid byproducts are a basic natural food source for these habitats 4) For subsurface in situ soil and/or groundwater contamination treatment through subsurface bio-injection well applications, through subsurface leaching galleries, or through injection and recovery trench applications. The above applications are ideal for treating poor access areas (e.g. under basement floors, wetland areas, etc.) where destruction of property or natural resources is not an option.

MicroSorb® SC-W is the most powerful consortium of microbes available. Contaminated surface water can be pumped into a tank, treated with SC-W and sprayed directly back onto the spill. The treated water becomes the carrier for bioremediation, working on the contaminants still on the surface and in the water column until the contaminant is gone. When oxygen depletion is a concern, oxygen can simply be added via our Biocatalyst or can be mechanically introduced into the water column.
For contemporaneous spills that jeopardize coral reefs, marshlands, riverbeds and other sensitive marine environments, timely application of SC-W and Biocatalyst can help protect and preserve these environments. 

Not only will the contaminant be eliminated, but the fatty acid byproducts are an important food source for the diverse feeding ecology of these habitats.

Safety Data Sheets - Microsorb-SC-W-sds - PDF