MicroSorb® IS (Industrial Strength) is a consortium of over 20 billion hydrocarbon digesting microbes per gram housed in a bentonite clay carrier. In addition to rapidly cleaning up oil spills, IS is used to attack any human or animal waste (i.e. septic/sewer, RV holding tanks, sewage treatment plants, zoos and animal compounds, poultry houses, etc.) and virtually any hydrocarbon or oxygenated hydrocarbon. The microbes work with water and oxygen to break down the oils and animal wastes into carbon dioxide, water, and soluble fatty acids.
MicroSorb® IS contains several times the microbes per gram than MicroSorb® ER and therefore eliminates wastes and spills more quickly which can be useful when time is a driving factor.

MicroSorb® IS is utilized:
1) For the rapid cleanup of surface releases when time is of the essence.
2) In the treatment of sewage treatment plants, septic tanks, and leaching fields. MicroSorb® IS helps reduce organic waste buildup in the tank and helps prevent grease and other fouling agents from entering the leaching field.
3) In the treatment of poultry grow-out houses for reduced odor, reduced wastes, and healthier, quicker grow-out conditions. (See project F-1)
4) For treatment of oily water found in marinas and boats
5) For treatment of holding tanks in RVs and campgrounds
6) For the reduction of ammonia and struvite in zoos and animal compounds
7) For the reduction and prevention of e coli and certain problematic bacteria

MicroSorb® IS is a competitively priced, powerful blend of microbes at a concentration many times greater
than any similarly priced microbial product. Typically 1/3 the amount of MicroSorb® IS is required to that
of any competitive bioremediation product. MicroSorb® IS is adapted to breaking down organic wastes and
grease buildup in treatment works without transferring the problem “downstream.”

Safety Data Sheets - MicroSorb® ER, IS, SC-G SDS - PDF