MicroSorb® DC (De-chlorinator) is a consortium of over 90 billion hydrocarbon digesting microbes per gram that have been selected and cultivated to break down chlorinated hydrocarbons. As in all MicroSorb® microbial products simply add water and ensure oxygen is present to allow the microbes to break down the  chlorinated hydrocarbons to water, carbon dioxide, and free chlorine. MicroSorb® DC, because of its high microbe content, and when used with MicroSorb® Biocatalyst, has the ability to attack chlorinated hydrocarbons in oxygen limited environments (e.g. below grade and in groundwater). As such, it significantly augments natural aerobic, micro-aerobic and facultative anerobic biodegradation to eliminate the contaminant.

MicroSorb® DC is utilized for subsurface in-situ soil and/or groundwater contamination treatment through subsurface bio-injection well applications, through subsurface leaching galleries, or through injection and recovery trench applications. (See project A-7)