MicroSorb remediates hydrocarbons, organic wastes and chlorinated hydrocarbons for all spill conditions. We convert hazardous contaminants into basic nutrients that restore the environment.

Open Water

Effective where traditional mechanical cleanup techniques fail. Our SC-W product not only cleans surface oil pools, but also cleans the residual sheen after booms, mats and skimmers are finished. Apply by boat, air or from shore. Can be applied dry or wet, but must make contact with the spill. Microbes also seek oil suspended in the water column. Byproducts are just clean water and nutrients most important to fish, corals, crustaceans and other water life. 

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Contemporaneous Ground Surface Spills

Immediately absorb runaway oil and other hydrocarbons with our bentonite clay products (ER, IS and SC-G). When wettened with non-chlorinated water, the high concentrate of microbes will activate and quickly convert the hydrocarbons into water and nutrients for plants and animals, dramatically reducing the expense associated with hazardous waste removal.

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Waters Edge

Oil spills cause great damage to the delicate ecosystems lining the water’s edge (beaches, marshes, mangroves, etc). Our products (ER, IS, SC-G and SC-W) quickly restore these environments, avoiding damage traditionally caused by scooping, dredging and digging. Can be applied dry or wet. Can be applied by boat, air or from the shore, whatever is most effective and causes the least damage to the environment.

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Subsurface spills can be hard to reach due to location of building structures, environmental considerations, etc. Our microbes (SC-G, SC-W, Biocatalyst) can reach the contamination via boring holes and the movement of underground water. Each site is unique, but our products, combined with an effective engineering plan, minimize the investment to clean up these hard-to-reach spills.

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No digging or trucking soils. Our products (SC-G and SC-W) gently and quickly restore the wetlands to full health. The byproducts of our methods actually stimulate regrowth of the natural foliage. 

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Oil spills follow the same path as water, leading to man-made drainage systems such as catch basins, storm drains and trenches. Treat these areas as you would any contemporaneous ground surface spill. Absorb the oil with our bentonite clay products (ER, IS and SC-G). The microbes housed within the clay structure activate when wettened, converting spills into clean water and food for plants and animals.

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Chlorinated Solvents

MicroSorb DC is designed to break down chlorinated hydrocarbons, trichlorethylene, chloroform, chlorinated solvents, etc. Will remediate subsurface in situ and groundwater contamination.

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Sewage spills, like hydrocarbon spills, occur in many different environments. They can be contemporaneous spills from a pipe break, a wide splattering of sewage from a sudden pressure release, an overflow of sewage from an overwhelming influx of rain water. Sewage can find its way to open water, beaches, waterways, and drainage on roads and in fields. Our products consume sewage as well as FOG and break down the ammonia and nitrates. MicroSorb ER, IS, SC-G and SC-W are applicable, depending on the scenario.

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