MicroSorb® Biocatalyst Activator is a core ingredient in the formation of MicroSorb® Biocatalyst. Parties that elect to generate their own Biocatalyst require Activator to get started and also to maintain continuous production. MicroSorb® Biocatalyst is an organic, oxygen-enriched water with enzymes specially designed to support our microbial bioremediation products. While Biocatalyst can be used to support and speed up bioremediation in any situation, it is an important addition to bioremediation in oxygen deficient conditions (i.e. subsurface soil and groundwater). Microbial activity is frequently limited by insufficient oxygen due to low rates of oxygen and carbon dioxide diffusion in subsurface soils. MicroSorb® Biocatalyst helps promote aerobic biodegredation which in turn accelerates the clean up of the spill.

MicroSorb® Biocatalyst is used:
1) For subsurface in-situ soil and/or groundwater contamination treatment through: subsurface bio-injection well applications, subsurface leaching galleries, or through injection and recovery trench applications. (See projects A-1 through A-9)
2) For increased plant growth.

MicroSorb® Biocatalyst is processed from naturally occurring, organic materials; it is nontoxic, nonpathogenic, and nonflammable. MicroSorb® Biocatalyst increases microbial performance and biodegredation in low-oxygen conditions. It also is used to increase microbe tolerances in salt-damaged soils.

Safety Data Sheet - PDF