Our efficacious Industrial Strength formula compressed into a convenient tablet format. Clean Waters Solutions® Tank Tablets consist of a consortium of over 20 billion hydrocarbon digesting microbes per gram housed in a bentonite clay carrier, and compressed into an easy to handle tablet that is about the size of a dime. These tablets are ideal for dropping into a bilge tank, a grease trap or even flushed into a toilet where they will then attack any human or animal waste, oil, grease and the sources of unpleasant odors. The microbes work with water and oxygen to break down the oils and animal wastes into carbon dioxide, water, and soluble fatty acids.

Clean Waters Solutions® Tank Tables are utilized:
1) In the treatment of septics, leaching fields and sewage lines. MicroSorb® Tank Tablets help reduce organic waste buildup and helps prevent grease and other fouling agents from entering the leaching field.
2) In the treatment of bilge tanks
3) For treatment of holding tanks in RVs and campgrounds
4) For the treatment of grease traps in restaurants and kitchens