Clean Waters Large Boat Bilge Pad00Clean waters shark bilge pad00Eliminates Oil Sheens in Bilges

Patented pads embedded with beneficial microbes. The oil is absorbed while the microbes are continuously breaking down oil contaminants at the molecular level, resulting in a truly cleaner, odor-free bilge. Choose The Shark for boats under 40 ft or the Large Boat Bilge Pad for boats over 40 ft.

Directions for use

Simply tie-off the pad at a low-point location in your bilge. The microbes are activated by water so your bilge must have water in it for the microbes to work. Once tied-off, the pad will float on the water and the microbes will continuously work to consume any oil sheens. The microbes multiple every 20 minutes so you will be building up a healthy colony of beneficial microbes that will continue to work in your bilge for 3-4 months. After this time, simply replace with a new Shark Bilge Pad.