060 Cups Easy Instructions
STORAGE: Product is a dry powder housed in a plastic pail and has a 4 year shelf life. Easy to keep on site.
070 Storage Easy InstructionsSCOOP 1 lb. of powder from the pail (approx. 2 cups) into a jar. Close the pail
080 Pour Easy InstructionsPOUR powder into the well. Product activates when it makes contact with the waste water.
Note: powder will not activate if it is sitting on solidified grease
080 Pour Easy InstructionsTIP: Wind may blow the fine powder. In case of breezy conditions, mix with non-chlorinated water before pouring into the well to aid with the application.
080 Pour Easy InstructionsALL DONE!Let the product do the rest. The microbes will work on the FOG (and also begin degradation of the sewage)