MicroSorb destroys the petroleum wastes and organic wastes that are part of everyday commercial and recreational boating and camping.  The hand-selected microbes in our products eliminate unpleasant odors and revert the waste materials into pure water and the basic carbon nutrients that support plant and animal life.  Not only are the products highly effective and odor free, but they are 100% natural and free of pathogens, making them safe for you, your family and the natural environment that you enjoy.

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MicroSorb ER treatments, when applied to the surface of the bilge water and interior sides and crevices, eliminate the sheens and odors quickly for about 3 months. The Microsorb Large Boat Bilge Pad, patented and embedded with beneficial microbes, absorb oil while continuously breaking down oil contaminants at the molecular level, resulting in cleaner, odor-free bilges.

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MicroSorb ER tablets eliminate Holding Tank Odors & Breaks Down Solids. Each tablet contains 60 billion archaea beneficial microbes and will treat all types and sizes of boat, RV, and septic tanks.The archaea consume the ammonia and solid waste in the tank. In addition, the microbes help keep pump-out hoses and equipment free from struvite crystal blockage.

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MicroSorb tablets contain billions of purposefully selected microbes in an easy to use format. Simply flush them into the sewage blackwater tank in your RV or boat. The microbes will consume the organic wastes and eliminate the odors, reducing the wastes into pure water and basic carbon compounds that are a food source for fish, plants and animals. All natural, no chemicals, no artificial smells, and good for the natural environment that you enjoy when out in your RV. The product has a 4 year shelf life, is highly portable and is easy to store and use.

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MicroSorb products are a natural, highly effective and chemical-free treatment for the sewage collected at campgrounds. The billions of archaea microbes contained in the product feast on organic wastes and petroleum wastes. They tackle the odors and reduce the wastes down to pure water and simple organic carbon compounds that are a basic food source in nature.

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