MicroSorb products are made of a hand-selected, symbiotic consortium of microbes that thrive on organic wastes and convert them into water and basic carbon nutrients that support a healthy habitat for plants, animals and humans.

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Industrial Waste Water Treatment

Industrial waste water containing organic contaminants, hydrocarbons and chlorinated hydrocarbons can be treated successfully with MicroSorb before releasing the effluent into receiving waters, controlling odors and metabolizing pollutants.

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Municipal Sewage Treatment

MicroSorb’s powerful consortium of archea microbes will take charge of the nitrogen cycle and convert organic wastes into water and carbon nutrients such as lipids and carbon dioxide. Use of MicroSorb facilitates process efficiency and reduces maintenance costs. Used in lift stations, aeration tanks and/or anaerobic digesters, our formula is demonstrated to minimize stoppages, improve plant capacity and effectively biodegrade organic materials.

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FOG (Fats, Oils and Grease)

MicroSorb FOG Control is used to prevent the build up of fats, oils and grease in lift stations, effectively reducing/eliminating the need for sewer cleaner/vacuum truck maintenance. It also keeps your pump clear of grease build up and helps keep downstream pipes clear and initiates sewage degradation while in-transit to the sewage treatment facility.

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Manure Lagoons 190701

Manure Lagoons

MicroSorb will control odors and degrade animal wastes into the fundamental mineral and carbon building blocks that are used to fertilize and nourish soils.

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Animal Habitats

Use of MicroSorb on the floors of animal pens has remarkable benefits. Care takers have observed that odors are reduced, struvite is eliminated and sores and infections that can develop in hooves, pads and toe nails are given a chance to heal. MicroSorb coverts animal waste, ammonia and struvite into water and carbon building blocks that are safe and healthy for the environment.

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Animal Habitat Runoff

The runoff from animal habitats can have adverse effects on nearby streams and ponds. MicroSorb has been used to treat runoff sources resulting in elimination of ammonia and other organic wastes, even outcompeting the e-coli and nuisance algae that sometimes flourishes in these environments.

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