The archae microbes contained in our MicroSorb formula have been found to outcompete nuisance algae and even e-coli for the excess nutrients that are found in local ponds, streams and rivers as a result of farming, lawn care and other activities, keeping these waters clean and crystal clear without the addition of chemicals.

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Golf Courses

Adding MicroSorb ER to ponds on the golf course as winter turns to spring will reduce the excess nutrients that have collected as a result of past fertilizer treatments. Ponds that have historically had problems with algae in the past have been shown to not have these same problems in the future after this type of treatment. The local animals that make the pond their habitat are safe as well. MicroSorb products are all natural and chemical free.

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Cranberry Bogs

Algae can be a significant nuisance in cranberry production. MicroSorb ER has been used to successfully consume the excess nutrients found in the water as a result of local farming. By consuming the nutrients, the algae never takes a hold. And in fact, the microbial activity that results is very healthy for the cranberry crop. Add MicroSorb ER at the very start of the Spring season, before the algae becomes a problem.

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Municipal Parks

Municipal parks are decorated with ponds and streams which, unfortunately, can become overrun with algae in the warmer months. Add MicroSorb ER at the very start of the Spring season, before algae takes root. The microbes in MicroSorb will consume the excess fertilizers that are in the pond and help keep the algae at bay. MicroSorb is 100% natural and chemical free and is safe and free of pathogens, making it perfectly safe for local wildlife and humans.

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Zoos have ponds and streams that are part of the animal habitats and parklands. Due to nutrient overload and organic wastes, the waters become overrun with algae during the warmer months, reducing enjoyment of the habitat and grounds. When MicroSorb ER is added to the waters at the start of the Spring season, the archaea microbes bring balance to the nutrients which in turn prevents algae from taking over the pond. Applying MicroSorb ER to the floor of animal pens eliminates the struvite and ammonia, which has many health benefits for the inhabitants.

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